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November 2010

AmericanWx Forums temporarily down due to DNS issues


People are now having issues connecting to the new American Weather Forums…

From the AmericanWxForum Twitter:

DNS issue since moving to new server. This is something we can’t do anything about…could take up to 48 hours for some to access again


An alternate web site used by some AmericanWx people, known as DaBenchmark (DBM), is also down for the time being. Reasons are unknown.

Apparently some people are able to access AmericanWx (and DBM) now… odd.

Both sites should be up now.

Mid-Atlantic – The Week Ahead (Nov 14-21)

Skies will be mostly cloudy tonight through tomorrow, with a few showers over the Appalachians as a weakening cold front tries to push through the region. This front will stall-out over the region as a new low pressure system develops in the Southeast. This new system will draw a good amount of Gulf moisture northward as a broad area of rain moves over the region Tuesday and Wednesday. Some areas will see 0.5-1.0+ inches of rain. The models are having a tough time with regards to the development of this system, but both agree that this will be a good rain event for the region.

There will be a weak disturbance coming out of the Midwest soon after the Tue/Wed storm passes through, which could bring some light snow over the northern parts of the region to go along with the scattered rain showers, depending on the timing of the disturbance. The NAM has a slower spacial progression of both systems, which would be more favorable for snow at this point since the NAM would put rain/snow showers over the region Thursday night. In contrast, the GFS has rain showers over the region during the daytime hours on Thursday. It looks like there won’t be enough cold air available for D.C., Baltimore and points south to get cool enough for snow.

Temperatures should quickly rebound to near normal to slightly above normal for the weekend as a subtropical ridge over the Southeast provides our region with winds from the southwest. All-in-all, we should have another beautiful weekend with mostly sunny skies.

Eastern U.S. Weather Forums down for good!

Wow… this post still gets a lot of hits for some reason. Yeah, Eastern US Weather is basically an archival site now. You still want to hit up AmericanWx for all the real chatter. Forty South is long gone.


UPDATE: Eastern’s gone for good (again). AmericanWx is going strong!


The Eastern U.S. Weather Forums (Eastern US Wx), the internet’s most popular weather forum, is suddenly down after 6-7 years of activity.

THE FORUM IS NOW READ-ONLY, SO SAVE WHAT YOU CAN! More details below. It’s gone again.

For those of you who didn’t find out quickly enough, the “new Eastern forum” is now The American Weather Forums, located at It is essentially the same exact forum, with the same admins and all that.

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or Carolinas, I strongly urge you to (also) use Forty South Weather, which has the same group of people from Eastern, but are mostly just Mid-Atlantic posters.

The original plan was to keep Eastern up as read only from tomorrow until December 7th (when the funding ran out), as the site’s owner, Marcus, decided to pull the plug on the site. Now, without warning, the entire site is down as of an hour ago. It is unclear whether or not this is permanent, or whether it might come back up as read only for the remainder of the paid period. There is no back-up of user names, threads, PMs… anything. The reset button has been pushed. We can’t even use the URL.

Good luck to everyone who still has to make the transition. Happy posting! Spread the word!

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In case you are wondering why the American Weather Forums is taking awhile to load (or won’t load), the massive influx of old Eastern members is causing the slow-down. Please be patient in registering. The site is working on upgrading to a dedicated server with much better specs (to be operational within the next 24 hours), which will alleviate the problem.

Marcus, owner of the EasternUSWx site, speaks:
Also archived on MAD US:
UPDATE: 11/13 11:50 AM ET

Marcus will put the forums back up as READ ONLY for an undetermined amount of time, set to start in the next 48 hours:

The weather forum will be available in a read only fashion in the next day or so. I am going to keep the data available for as long as I can. This was always going to happen, just going to be a little bit harder because of the need to clean up some mess left behind.

UPDATE: 11/14

The Eastern forums are now up as read-only as of early this morning. It should be up until the funding for the site expires on December 7th. Grab what you can if you want to save anything! Unfortunately there’s no easy way to get everything off of the site, since the databases are under lock-and-key. However, many will take the effort to save as much valuable information that they can in the board’s 6+ year history of historical data, images and first-hand observations from all types of weather events.

AmericanWx has already recovered over 1000 members since the move, which is pretty amazing considering EasternWx had about 3500-4000 members log in during the past year. Hopefully everybody that needs to find the new forum can get there either through this post or through other means.

What to Watch Fore(cast) – Nov 8-14


Snow in the Northeast! – A cut-off low is bringing snow to parts of southern New England and New York State today as places like Bridgeport, CT and Albany, NY pick up accumulation.

Quiet in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast – An area of high pressure will keep the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast sunny and dry through Saturday and possibly Sunday.

Two shots of rain to the Plains – A weakening system will bring light rain to the Northern and Central Plains late Tuesday into Wednesday as another system develops further south and brings rain and thunderstorms to the Central and Southern Plains late Thursday into Saturday.

Cooler West – A broad upper-level trough will keep the West below normal through most of the week.


A very persistent cut-off low that has lingered just off the East Coast for several days is drawing precipitation into New England and New York State, which has some snow associated with it. So far today, Bridgeport, CT has broken it’s snowfall record for this date as 0.4″ accumulates, and Albany, NY has received over 1.3″ of snow. Parts of the Hudson Valley region have received two or more inches of snow from this system, and that’s not even in the mountains! The rest of the East Coast will be sunny and relatively mild this week as an area of high pressure sits over the region. A system working into the region over the weekend could bring some rain with it on Sunday, but much of the coastal areas will likely stay dry.

A weakening low pressure system currently over the Rockies will move into the Northern and Central Plains Tuesday, which will provide these areas with some rainfall. Another pocket of energy will dive in behind this system, and will rapidly develop over the Central and Southern Plains Thursday as it presses east. Areas of moderate to heavy rainfall are possible, especially in the Central Plains, late Thursday through Friday as the precipitation moves into the Midwest and Southeast Saturday. This system will lift to the northeast during the middle of the weekend, and should weaken before any significant precipitation can make it to the Appalachians. Severe weather with this system cannot be ruled out in the Plains, but there is little to no chance of having a big outbreak with this system.

All of the systems coming into the mid-country this weekend will help reinforce an upper-level trough in the West, which will keep pulling cooler air down into the region. Below normal temperatures are expected from the West Coast to the Rockies through most of this week. Despite the systems, precipitation should remain on the lighter side in the West through the rest of the week.

Mid-Atlantic – The Week Ahead (Nov 7-14)

Well, really the 8th-14th now…

Aside from some passing clouds and windy weather today, it will be somewhat nice and seasonal as we start out the work week. A ridge of high pressure will warm up the Mid-Atlantic region to near normal to slightly above normal temperatures through the end of the week, with sunny skies throughout. Highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s will be widespread. Some clouds and isolated rain showers will be possible on Sunday as a weakening low pressure system moves in from the west.

Not really anything exciting for us this time around. However, things could get much more interesting next week as several low pressure systems develop over the eastern U.S., which could set the stage for a Nor’easter late next week or a little over two weeks from now.