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Keep a close eye on the forecast this weekend!

A big system with the potential to dump snow (we’re talking 8-12+ inches possible, but the location remains uncertain) along the East Coast along the I-95 corridor starting late on Christmas Day and going through the 27th. There is still a high uncertainty with the track of this storm, so snow forecasts won’t be that […]

What to Watch Fore(cast) – Dec 20-27

Only highlights this week as I just spent a good amount of time on the January forecast and explaining it in more detail on the American Weather Forums. —– Highlights: Rain and snow continue to pummel the West – Heavy rain and snow should continue through Wednesday in the Southwest as more storm systems impact […]

January 2011 Temperature Forecast Update

A look ahead into what the current status of the atmosphere and mid-range forecast has done to the long term outlook. The updated January 2011 temperature anomaly forecast: And for reference the old January forecast (issued 7 October): The changes: The lingering blocking pattern is what caused the great change in the temperature forecast. As […]

Mid-Atlantic – The Week Ahead (Dec 19-26)

The forecast is almost a repeat of last week for the region, with continued cold, snow in the mountains on Tuesday and maybe some light snow east of the mountains, and coastal system potential towards the weekend. Temperatures won’t be as brutally cold this week as it was last week, but we can expect to […]

The “So Close” Storm of December 2010 (18th-20th)

As this potential snow storm begins to materialize in the Southeast, it’s time to take a serious look at snowfall predictions. This storm appeared to be going out to sea at the start of this week, then for a couple of days it looked like the I-95 corridor would land a rare epic La Niña […]

Tornado Thursday – 10 May 2010 Wakita, OK

One of the better multi-vortex tornado specimens was captured on film by several chasers, with the seemingly best footage from Verne Carlson that shows 4-5 vortices within a larger tornadic circulation. You can get more information about this storm and about Verne’s chasing on his weather blog. Skip to the 1:00 mark to watch the […]

Forum Outage due to AmericanWx Server Upgrade

In case you are out of the loop, the American Weather Forums performed a server upgrade last evening, similar to what happened during the first week of the mass migration. You can go to AmericanWx’s twitter feed or The Forty South Forum thread and read up on how to fix this issue. If you don’t […]