Heavy snow, sleet and thunderstorms innundate the region

As heavy snow (+SN) is falling outside my window, I can only imagine how crazy it is for anyone to be out at this time. I-95 city rush hours from DC to NYC are getting rocked by this storm, as seen on the map below (from 4:45pm EST):

(click for full res.)

It’s starting to look really bad in some areas… here’s I-81 at exit 313:

This is just the beginning as the system strengthens and heads up I-95. This will probably be the highest impact storm (in regards to total population affected) for this season.

Here’s a still of the composite radar for the area:

I got my one flash of lightning and clap of thunder, which is all I needed to go to bed happy tonight. Thunderstorms, thundersnow and thundersleet will continue to press north and east up the coast this evening.

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