Potential for an epic winter storm in the Plains, Midwest, Northeast

Just giving the heads-up since the main discussion isn’t for another couple of days… the makings of an epic winter storm is coming up next week for the Southern/Central Plains, Midwest and Northeast. We’re talking 6-12 inches or more over a large area in a SW-NE oriented swath. The bulk of the storm is expected to be from the 1st to the 3rd, with lighter accumulations before and after this timeframe.

To the south and East of the big snowfall, sleet and freezing rain will be possible. The mixed precipitation could be just as crippling (or worse) as a foot of snow, so where that sets up will be a critical thing to track as well.

Here we’ve got the latest snowfall forecast from the GFS, showing the potential for big totals (image courtesy of MDA/EarthSat):

Of course, this is just a very rough depiction of what could happen. I’ll keep an eye on changes and bring it up on Monday’s What to Watch Fore(cast).

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