What to Watch Fore(cast) – Jan 31 – Feb 7


Blockbuster snow storm – A wide swath of heavy snow extending from Oklahoma to Maine on the order of 6-12″+, along with crippling freezing rain, will rock the Midwest and Northeast tonight through Wednesday.

Weekend coastal storm – A storm that could once again “thread the needle” and produce significant snowfall (2-4″+) in the Mid-Atlantic is on the table for Saturday and/or Sunday.

Big cool down in the mid-country – A strong area of high pressure will dive in from Canada and introduce very (record-breaking?) cold into the Plains mid-week.

Even more rain in the Southeast – The weather pattern seems desperate to alleviate the Southeast drought conditions as yet another storm system is progged to develop in the Southeast next Monday.


So when I said that last Wednesday’s storm could be the biggest population-wise… I was wrong. Sources estimate that this week’s storm could impact 100 million people. Simply an incredible storm.

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