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Mid-Atlantic – The Week Ahead (Feb 27 – Mar 6)

Temperatures will be above normal today as the sun peaks through scattered clouds southerly winds push warmer air into the region. The birds are chirping this morning as spring tries to get going early in our region. Enjoy today, because tomorrow will be a different story. ***** IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING MONDAY’S WEATHER *****   After […]

Snowfall Verification for Feb 21-22

I’ve procrastinated long enough…   Overall not too shabby. The orientation and majority placement of the higher totals were generally correct, though the cut-off on the southern edge left a good amount of room for improvement. My first forecast was much better in that regard. The area of highest snowfall was off, but the idea […]

Thoughts on the Friday storm

Forgot to get the snowfall verification up today, but I should be able to get it up tomorrow (FRIDAY SATURDAY… fell asleep early Thursday and Friday!)… maps are saved and ready to go when I have the time. I did get some errands run today instead Looking at the Friday system… still a chance for […]

What to Watch Fore(cast) – Feb 22-28

Not doing a full discussion this week… storm tracks for Big Storm #1 and #2 will have to be monitored for their impact in the Mid-Atlantic states. The Friday storm could be frozen precipitation, heavy rain and/or strong thunderstorms for the DC area! More on that as the details get clearer. Arkansas through Pennsylvania will […]

Winter Storm Threat: Feb 21-22 (final call)

The morning update:   Temperatures are coming in colder than expected early across the northern half of the region as northerly winds take over. That means earlier/easier changeover to snow for many. This’ll be a fun one. EDIT: Need to add that I also made a slight adjustment to the time constraints to better fit […]

Winter Storm Threat: Feb 21-22 (only call?)

This forecast is for the second part of the two-part rain/snow event. What I have is not too different from what the models show now, save for some lesser amounts in northern MD. The changeover from rain to snow and the surface temperatures will be the biggest players in inhibiting snowfall totals. The models have […]

Mid-Atlantic – The Week Ahead (Feb 20-27)

Today will be the calm before the storms as a two-part system brings rain, mixed precipitation and snow to the region Monday and Tuesday. The rain will start early tomorrow across PA and edging into northern MD as the first piece of energy pushes through. As the light/moderate rain pushes further south into northern VA, […]