What to Watch Fore(cast) – Feb 22-28

Not doing a full discussion this week… storm tracks for Big Storm #1 and #2 will have to be monitored for their impact in the Mid-Atlantic states. The Friday storm could be frozen precipitation, heavy rain and/or strong thunderstorms for the DC area! More on that as the details get clearer. Arkansas through Pennsylvania will be a big concern for widespread flooding by the beginning of next week as both of the big storms put down significant precipitation totals in that region.


West is cold and stays cold – A strong push of cold air from western Canada will keep the West much below normal through most of the week. The Northern Plains will also get in on the very cold temperatures.

Plenty of snow in the Pacific Northwest – The cold temperatures will provide a good atmosphere for the Pacific Northwest to finally get the big snows they have been waiting all winter for.

Big storm #1 – Severe storms in the Southern Plains Thursday and in the Southeast on Friday, with snow in the Central Plains, Midwest and Northeast.

Big storm #2 – A warmer and further north system, with severe in the Central/Southern Plains Sunday moving into the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Monday. Back-end snow for the Central Plains, Midwest and (maybe) Northeast.

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