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Chasecation Day 0 – Departure from MD

Jason, Ian and I will leave Maryland this evening to head into the LA/AR/MS area to try to catch some storms tomorrow afternoon/evening. It looks like there’s some viable chase territory in there, so we’re going for it. The setup looks slightly better than marginal, and we might as well start our chasecation with a […]

April 28, 2011 Chase Pictures

Just the one quick upload for now… will add more to this post as I get through footage. Finishing up the final prep. for the Plains chase! Got in a tornado-warned cell just SW of Elizabeth City along Rt. 17. It looked like it could be fun, but aside from some vivid lightning and a […]

Tornado Watch up for most of the Mid-Atlantic

PA and Delmarva are missing out (for now) UPDATE: New tornado watch includes most of PA and western NY! I’m ready to drop what I’m doing to go chase local cells should they pop up. Jason is quite busy today, but if something happens close by I think he’ll join me for an hour or […]

A Most Epic System

Keep an eye on the severe weather today, folks. You may not see another system like this one for quite a long time. Back-to-back High Risk days. Six PDS Tornado Watches since the 25th, with the likelihood that we’ll see 1-2 more before the day is done. We’ve had three High Risk days in 2011, […]

We leave on May 1st

After some deliberation, Jason, Ian and I have decided to leave Sunday, May 1st (returning on the 15th). Jason and I picked up a few chase items for the trip, and everything’s on schedule as of now. The models are still trying to decipher the pattern going into the first week of May, but things […]

A tenative look at the first week of Plains chasing

If we are able to leave on the 30th or really early on May 1st, it looks like we could hit up a potent storm system in the Midwest on the 1st-2nd before making it all the way into the Plains. After that, a progressive upper-level ridge in the West could bring a lull in […]

Planning and Forecast for the Storm Chase Expedition

The start date for chasing is being finalized as I type this, but it looks like Jason, Ian (will be bio’ed later) and I will head out from Maryland on April 30th, with the plan to start actively chasing on May 2nd (so long as there are storms on that day). We be out chasing […]