Mid-Atlantic Discussion – Apr 20, 2011

SPC has been playing up what I consider to be a more marginal event in the Mid-Atlantic today. The main threat is for individual cells or small lines of damaging winds from storms that are expected to develop along the cold front as it passes through this afternoon/evening. Storms should be isolated, but those that do form have good mid-level lapse rates to gain momentum off of. Somewhat dry low-levels and downsloping WSW-erly surface winds will inhibit these storms to a degree, with high-level clouds and high LCLs also working against storm development.

Any storms that do form should die off quickly once the instability fades around sunset. There won’t be any chasing today, but there’s still a chance that some storms could develop locally to video and photograph. It certainly doesn’t look like a widespread event, and I don’t expect much beyond some spotty reports to come out of today’s storms.


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