Chasecation Day 12 – Tails Between our Legs

Yesterday was a complete and total bust for everyone… including us, the SPC, and about 100+ chasers that spent the day waiting for something that didn’t happen. The midday convection maintained itself in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and actually got re-invigorated during the afternoon as it slowly crept eastward. Those storms killed the return flow of moisture and instability to the dryline, so the atmosphere was not able to recover enough behind the midday storms to produce what was supposed to be a tornado outbreak in central Kansas and Oklahoma. Instead, we watched in horror as yet another promising Cu field failed to produce.

On top of that, the car is having issues, making it nearly impossible to drive. It could/should be an easy fix, as it appears that a $20 part is all we need to get the car running smoothly again. The problem is, being an older Subaru, the part we need is in Wichita, and we’re not in Wichita. If the problem extends beyond this failed part, it’s basically time to head home (though we’re close to heading home anyway, now it’s just a question if we come back in the Subaru or in a rental).

11 days and 0 tornadoes, though we were within a half-mile of a tornado that mocked us under the cover of darkness. Despite all the hardships, I can’t wait for May 2012 to roll around so I can get back out here and do it right.

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