Chasecation Day 9 – Walking to Our Target

Well, maybe not walking to our target, but last night we got a hotel which is hopefully going to be near where the storm action is today. We plan on heading S/SW towards the SD/NE border where the warm front, dryline and approaching upper-level jet could initiate storms this afternoon.

The sky is pretty cluttered throughout the region, with sunshine starting to really heat up some areas while cloud cover holds down the temperatures near the warm front. It’s another tricky forecast, but it seems like we have a nice head start on the other chasers, much like we did yesterday. While we didn’t get yesterday’s tornado, most of the chasers that were out yesterday were more out of position than we were, which is a little silver lining to yesterday’s mostly-bust.

Coming up on the South Dakota storm last night was quite fun, as there was some nice structure to photograph before the light faded, and there was intense, constant lightning going into the late evening. Hopefully we can do better with today’s storms.

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