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May 2011

Chasecation Day 3 – A Day in Kansas

Right now we’re in downtown Wichita after a great lunch with Mike Smith and Guy Pearson of WeatherData. We’ll hang around the area a.bit more before heading into Ellinwood, KS. Another down day tomorrow, with a small chance of dryline activity at the end of the work week.

Chasecation Day 2 – Finally got some sleep!

As we head into the Wichita, KS area this evening, I’ll take a quick look back at earlier. I plan on posting these in the morning, but yesterday just sucked in terms of sleep, feeling out of it, and just being on the road for 21 hours straight, which kind of made me want to just collapse on my bed and sleep… so I did. After a long night’s sleep, we all got up and lazily prepared for the drive up to Wichita.

Though exhausting, we did see a nice shelf cloud around mid-day yesterday along I-40 in Arkansas just west of Memphis, TN. Here’s a couple of screen grabs from the video I took:

Tomorrow we will meet with Mike Smith, CEO of WeatherData, Inc. for lunch, and we’ll make a quick trip up to Ellinwood, KS for some “heh this town was named after one of my ancestors” things.

Chasecation Day 1 – Welcome to Central TN!

A dying MCS gave us a nice greeting in the early daylight hours heading through central Tennessee… some asperatus clouds appeared on the horizon:

Still on our way to Arkansas where we will hopefully be able to get after some tornadic cells as 2000 J/kg CAPE and good directional shear near the frontal boundary provides a somewhat favorable atmosphere for development.