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June 2011

Mid-Atlantic Discussion – July 4th holiday weekend

Expect temperatures to be near normal to above normal this holiday weekend, with highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s Saturday through Monday (for the lower elevations). Scattered clouds should bring some relief from the sun, with isolated showers and thunderstorms possible each day.

Organized storms and severe weather seems unlikely during this period, but individual storms could be strong to severe, with hail and gusty winds. Most storms should form in the mid afternoon to early evening hours, with little morning and overnight activity expected.

…just your normal summer weather! Shouldn’t be too different from the weather we have been seeing over the last couple of weeks.

Mid-Atlantic Discussion – Jun 23-24, 2011

It’s been awhile, but I felt motivated to write about Thu/Fri… it’s been so long since the last organized severe threat (i.e. not this pulse-storm and failed MCS crap we’ve been getting) that I felt a true discussion was in order.

Though the main low is expected to be stacked/decaying as it pushes into the eastern U.S., the system should remain organized enough for the region to experience severe storms this Thursday and Friday. Along with the upper-low, the system also features a moderate jet streak ejecting out of the base of the trough, which will help give the storms upper-level support and increase storm longevity. A cold front moving through the region could help initiate/sustain storms as well.

The atmosphere will be somewhat unstable as well, though cloud cover and precipitation remain concerns as mid-level lapse rates could suffer. Regardless, so long as there is some sunshine, temperatures should climb into the lower 90s during the afternoon, creating favorable low-level lapse rates. Coupled with decent/good wind shear, the atmosphere seems favorable for at least some severe weather as we head into the end of the work week.

26 May 2011 Storm Chase – Chase log and pictures

Had some fun chasing in southern PA… originally had targeted further east to stay out of the more mountainous terrain, but we worked over to I-81 S from Hagerstown, PA late in the afternoon as cells were getting tornado-warned in MD and WV. We intercepted a cell that ended up producing a tornado about a mile away from us to the NE of Marion, PA, but unfortunately rain obscured our view of the tornado yet again. Prior to the tornado east of I-81, there was also downburst damage west of I-81, which also included an overturned tractor-trailer on the interstate. It was a messy (weather-wise) day, but it was a fun day. We got a glimpse of a loosely-organized funnel cloud, but it didn’t turn out well in my video, so that’s been left out of the captures.

Work today, pictures tomorrow

Been wiped out with all of the chasing (both Plains and at home) to be motivated enough to keep the pictures coming… I have work this afternoon/evening, but tomorrow I should be able to get a bunch of stills up from the last couple of chases. I also need to go back and get some shots from the Chasecation, so there’s plenty of content to provide… I just need to sit down and get it done!