26 May 2011 Storm Chase – Chase log and pictures

Had some fun chasing in southern PA… originally had targeted further east to stay out of the more mountainous terrain, but we worked over to I-81 S from Hagerstown, PA late in the afternoon as cells were getting tornado-warned in MD and WV. We intercepted a cell that ended up producing a tornado about a mile away from us to the NE of Marion, PA, but unfortunately rain obscured our view of the tornado yet again. Prior to the tornado east of I-81, there was also downburst damage west of I-81, which also included an overturned tractor-trailer on the interstate. It was a messy (weather-wise) day, but it was a fun day. We got a glimpse of a loosely-organized funnel cloud, but it didn’t turn out well in my video, so that’s been left out of the captures.

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