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MD/DC/VA bake in record heat as severe storms form up north

DCA has already gotten to 102 twice today… shattering the daily record of 99 set back in 1993. One more degree would make it DCA’s hottest day of 2011, with three 102 highs already on the board. IAD is up to 101, breaking its daily record of 97 (also set in 1993) and BWI is […]

New Twitter Feed!

After some playing around with Twitter’s widget options, I got something that I’m reasonably satisfied with on the top of the sidebar where the old What To Watch Fore(cast) highlights went. Since I update that more often, I figured it would be good to 1) finally put the feed on the page, and 2) get […]

Highs in the 90s start tomorrow, with storm chances Tue-Wed

Today might get to 90, but the real story lies in the next seven days, where highs are expected to reach from the lower 90s to lower 100s Monday through next Sunday (and beyond?). Thursday through Saturday has been fairly consistent in being the hottest days, with highs in the 97-103 range. The forecast hasn’t […]

Enjoy the cooler temps… they’re only temporary

DCA is sitting at +4.0 through the first 12 days of July, with all but two of those days with highs of 91-97. Today was another warm day as temperatures climbed to about 93 before the storms hit. Tomorrow through Sunday looks to be more seasonal to even slightly below normal, with highs in the […]

More heat, with normal temps later this week?

I ask the question because, as we have seen in the medium range over the last 45 days or so, we just keep getting the heat due to the impressive sub-tropical ridge. I wouldn’t be surprised if we trend warmer as the end of the week gets closer. On top of highs in the lower […]

Strong storms roll through MD, DC, VA

Strong to severe storms pushed NW to SE across the region this afternoon and early evening, which are now mostly south of the DC area. Didn’t get hit by too much in Germantown, but the lightning was great. Plenty of CGs all around, despite my bad luck of getting good screen captures off of the […]

So what’s on tap for July?

Waaaaaaay back in February, I made this little number for July: EDIT: And here’s the updated look for this month: It looks to be a decent forecast going ahead, with warm adjustments likely needed in the South, Southeast, southern Midwest and southern Mid-Atlantic. The combination of a lingering upper-level ridge and extreme drought conditions in […]