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Snowfall Verification for Jan 21

This was an interesting one to watch unfold…   Cold air damming allowed for more snow at the onset of the storm than what I was expecting, which resulted in broader 1-2 inch coverage east of the mountains in central VA, MD, DC and southern NJ. This also allowed the freezing rain and sleet to […]

Winter Storm Threat: Jan 21 (final call)

Following a southern trend of the models and recent temperature verifications compared to earlier forecasts, I have come up with this for my final forecast:   The pink contour indicates where 0.1-0.25+ inches of accumulating sleet and freezing rain is possible. Some sleet will mix into the areas receiving over an inch of snow, and […]

Winter Storm Threat: Jan 21 (first call)

A relatively weak area of upper-level energy will bring about some snow to the region on Saturday. The precipitation is expected to start out as snow for most, with some light sleet and/or freezing rain across the southern part of the pink contour. As the mid-levels warm, sleet and freezing rain will become dominant in […]

Coldest morning of the season in the Northeast

A lot of locales in the Northeast are experiencing their first sub-zero lows of the winter, with temperatures as cold as -24F in Watertown, NY! (Yes, it’s -24, not -23. The software rounds the Celsius conversions oddly in some cases)   A 1030mb high centered over southeastern Ontario is allowing for light to calm winds […]

Storm chasing in 2012

Now that we have turned the corner into 2012, it is time to start getting plans ready for my 2012 Chasecation. This year will be a lot different, as I have a more flexible looking calendar from mid May to mid June to spend two weeks out in the Great Plains. I really wish I […]

Radar watching – snow at two levels

Just wanted to post this as it is an interesting phenomena where you can see the low-level convective snow (the long and thin features oriented west-to-east) and the comma-head snow/clouds rotating around the Radar site:   The low-level convective snow is created as leftover moisture takes advantage of the steep low-level lapse rates behind the […]

Quick thoughts on tonight’s/tomorrow’s snow

This rain-changing-over-to-snow event has been the main snow event to watch over the past few days, and now it looks like it will come to fruition… at least for those from DC and points north as the tail-end of precipitation rolls through the region between 2-5am. The latest HRRR is putting down some light accumulation […]