Late season snow storm in the Appalachians

A strong coastal storm will develop tomorrow into Monday, and this low will actually retrograde inland, eventually making its way into central NY.

This late season storm is expected to bring 6-12 inches or more to the higher elevations of the central Appalachians, with lower totals in the lower elevations as the snow battles against boundary layer temperature issues and warmer ground. Of course, higher snowfall rates could overcome these problems fairly quickly, so we’ll have to keep an eye on places like western PA and western NY as the storm develops to see just how much those areas might get.

The NWS is putting up Winter Storm Watches in the higher elevations and in some of the higher-impact low elevation areas for when the storm moves through late Sunday into Monday. Along the coast, widespread rain totals of 1-3 inches are in the forecast, which will help alleviate some of the drought conditions that have developed over the last several months.

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