Chasecation 2012 Day 5 – Everything is bigger in Texas

Yesterday’s play along the cold front did not pan out along the southern parts of the line. The storms were okay, but they did not want to get any solid low-level rotation going.

Today, we are heading into northern Texas to play the dryline, and we will stay around the northern TX/western OK/western KS area tomorrow and Wednesday as low tornado probabilities continue. Low-level speed shear will be a big hindrance, but plenty of CAPE and rotation is available for tornadoes.

We’re planning on getting some big storms over the next few days, so structure shots will be the main focus until it looks like we could get tornadoes to form.

Keep up with me on my twitter account: @MADUSWX …most of my pictures end up on there, which I’ve been meaning to get onto the site but will probably just wait until the chasecation is over to get everything processed.

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