Chasecation 2012 Day 6 – Can a brother get a down day?

Today is the sixth day in a row of chasing… heading out of Wichita Falls, TX to get to Alva, OK around mid-afternoon. From there we will decide if we need to head north, east or stay put.

The storms were indeed bigger in Texas yesterday as a cluster of storms formed and almost trapped us in hail. We got pinged by some pea/dime-sized hail because there was no internet for awhile and we could not easily identify the exact location and extent of the hail. What the storms lacked in tornadoes they made up in lightning, which was very prolific throughout the chase. The lightning even started a couple of fires, which likely got put out by the rain as it moved across the area. All in all, yesterday exceeded expectations as we were just looking for some structure to shoot, and got the great lightning as a bonus.

Today the focus shifts back to tornadoes. The internet connection will likely be spotty throughout the chase, but with our GPS software and Jason’s chase experience we’ll be able to get through whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

Here is a picture of one of the two storms we were on yesterday southwest of Wichita Falls. This was the more eastern cell, facing east.

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