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May 2012

Chasecation 2012 Day 1 – Hello Wisconsin

After a long overnight trip, we have made it to our target area in Wisconsin east of LaCrosse near the I-94/I-90 split. We will likely sit here for a bit and wait for storms to initialize to our west.

I grabbed a sunrise picture this morning just after we entered Wisconsin:

Hopefully we’ll get some good storm pictures/video to post later! The SPC has issued a moderate risk for severe weather in Wisconsin for today… glad to be in the thick of it on our first day!

Chasecation 2012 Day 0 – Departure from MD

This afternoon Jason and I will be picking up our rental SUV, and Ian will join us in Gaithersburg to pack the vehicle and head out west. We will likely drive through the night, unless it looks like there is enough time to stop for a bit. Tomorrow’s target area will be southern/central Wisconsin, where strong shear could easily produce tornadoes. However, the temperature profiles are lackluster and surface dewpoints could be on the low side, which will limit the potential. It shall be an interesting start to the chase trip regardless of whether or not we see a tornado tomorrow.

Looking down the road… Sunday looks like a good setup in the central Plains and western Midwest. Friday looks like mostly a travel day, with a low tornado chance in the High Plains Saturday before we get to the strong potential on Sunday.

Please follow my twitter account, @MADUSWX for more updates. I will also tweet some from @USTornadoes along with Ian.

More Twitter links:
Jason: @WeatherWarrior1
Jason again: @ChaserQuest
Ian: @islivingston


15 May 2012 Storm Chase – Pictures

UPDATE: Had to postpone processing my video due to getting ready for the chasecation… hopefully I’ll remember to come back to this later.

I will add more screen grabs to this post by Friday (and update this text), but here’s a handful of shots that I’ve gotten so far:

Video and chase log will be up by the end of the weekend!

May 2012 temperature forecast

Was too busy to post this yesterday… another warm month for the U.S. overall, though the cooler periods are starting to last longer compared to the quick cold shots we had during the winter.

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