Chasecation 2012 Day 10 – Same as yesterday

After spending our third night in a row in Amarillo, TX, we are heading north towards Boise City, OK for the initial staging of today’s chase. The goal again will be getting some supercell structure shots.

There was a beautiful supercell well east of us on the eastern border of the Texas Panhandle, and we took some shots of it while also chasing a storm that kicked up a nice RFD dust plume.

We ended up staying with our original storm as the light faded, spending some time to get lightning shots before calling it a day.

In the end it was a pretty fulfilling day despite not getting a tornado, which we hadn’t planned on seeing, anyway. Below is a cropped, wide-screen video still of one of the lightning shots:

Ian caught the same shot on his camera:

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