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Winter 2012-2013 (DJF) Forecast – Update

My original forecast from August had to basically be thrown out due to a few key factors. 1. ENSO faltering. While the positive trends have recovered, there was a major misstep in the trend as the values for most of the ENSO regions started to fall. The latest data indicates that the positive trend has […]

Chasing Hurricane Sandy

I will be departing for the New Jersey coast Sunday to chase Hurricane Sandy (or “Frankenstorm” if you wish to call it that). I will probably be chasing with Jason Foster either by caravanning or he will be in my car with me. We plan to be out there until Tuesday evening, with time restrictions […]

Fall Foliage and new Flickr account

First, I’d like to say that I’m going to ditch the photo album thing I added to the site earlier this summer in favor for a Flickr account. I just uploaded my fall foliage pictures there today, with a sample below: A video will be coming soon and will be added to this post […]

It’s that quiet time of the year…

Still around… just been very quiet with respect to what I normally post about on here. Winter forecast update will be coming later this month… waiting on a little more data before I get the final release out there. As a reminder, I am active on Twitter, so I recommend following that (@MADUSWX). I still […]