Chasing Hurricane Sandy

I will be departing for the New Jersey coast Sunday to chase Hurricane Sandy (or “Frankenstorm” if you wish to call it that). I will probably be chasing with Jason Foster either by caravanning or he will be in my car with me. We plan to be out there until Tuesday evening, with time restrictions bringing us home a bit earlier than we’d like. I doubt we will get a live stream going, but if we do I will post the information for it.

As always, my Twitter account (@MADUSWX) will be the best way to see updates from me. We will be up on Spotter Network as well.

Jason’s Twitter name has changed to @stormitecture (Storm-i-TECTURE is replacing his old company name, Weather Warrior Media).

There will be a significant snow event up in the Appalachians, with 1-2+ feet of snow possible, but unfortunately I do not have the time to make a forecast map.

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