It’s that quiet time of the year…

Still around… just been very quiet with respect to what I normally post about on here. Winter forecast update will be coming later this month… waiting on a little more data before I get the final release out there.

As a reminder, I am active on Twitter, so I recommend following that (@MADUSWX). I still post on as well, though that’s rather quiet now since there’s not much going on. There will be a tornado threat late this week in the central U.S., so I will be posting a forecast for that on the U.S. Tornadoes site later this week.

It’s a bit early to start the snow forecasts for the Mid-Atlantic, but rest assured those will come when needed. Hoping to get one, maybe two more chases in this year, but we’ll see how that plays out. I plan on making the trip to the Plains again next spring with some new video equipment, so that will be a good time once we reach that point.

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