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Winter Storm Threat: Nov 27 (only/final call)

This storm will drop a rain/snow mix south of the 1 inch line, with a slushy coating possible across northern MD into Philadelphia. Higher elevations will do better with this event, especially from southern PA southward. A rather weak disturbance will slide across the region tonight into tomorrow, bringing wintry precipitation to the region from […]

Snowfall Verification for Nov 7-8

Not a good result for my first forecast of the 2012-13 snow season. Forecast confidence was on the lower side, and it was a difficult forecast, but the difficulty doesn’t changed the fact that I missed the target in a lot of areas. Not a complete failure, though. This forecast gets a D grade. The […]

Winter Storm Threat: Nov 7-8 (final call)

Made some changes to bring things a bit further east in general. I took out the 4-8 inch contour due to uncertainties in the forecast, but I do think there will be localized 4-8″ totals in eastern PA and western NJ. Confidence in the forecast is normal to slightly below normal.

Winter Storm Threat: Nov 7-8 (initial call)

Here we go with another early start to winter… but early start for who, exactly? Well, the mountains already got a shock to the system last week as Sandy dumped as much as three feet or more of snow across West Virginia. This time around, it looks like the coastal areas will cash in more […]

How do you revamp the warning system?

Over the past couple of years, the National Weather Service has begun a large undertaking in changing the way meteorologists communicate weather information to the public. We have seen extreme events such as Hurricane Sandy and the Joplin tornado that reveal gaps and inadequacies in the warning system. Those issues have been and are continuing […]