The storms have gone away

After a banner year of chasecationing out in the Plains for what was the only active two week period this year, things have been very quiet with respect to storms in the Mid-Atlantic. I did go chasing two months ago on June 13th in Virginia, but since then there really hasn’t been anything worth going after within my chaseable area.

Though stability and speed shear may be limited, I am interested in seeing what happens early to mid-week next week as some sort of tropical-enhanced moisture makes it’s way into the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. It’s a bit of a long shot at this point, but if there are tropical remnants in the area next week, there could be a good amount of directional shear and forcing to produce some chaseable storms.

As far as this blog, I have been meaning to start updating it more often, as well as add my collection of 2013 images and video to the site and to Flickr. All that stuff has been posted to Twitter, but that’s a lot different from putting everything into an easy-to-navigate album. I just need to get the motivation to do it one of these days. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my What To Watch Fore(cast)s back up just so I have some regular content again, but keeping to a schedule always makes posting feel more like a chore, especially since there is no real monetary gain coming from it.

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