Winter Storm Threat: Feb 3 (Final Call)

Brought things northward with this update due to that pesky “warm” layer aloft. This is a considerably tough forecast across the southern areas near the 1″ line as the models generally have isothermal temperatures along the freezing line between about 850mb-750mb. Temperatures at the surface are also around freezing, with sub-freezing temperatures in most of the layer just above the surface to about 850mb. So yeah, a lot of potential for the southern areas to either bust high or low with this event.


I included the “locally 8-12″ because it’s really hard to pinpoint where the places that get it might be. My best guess for spots of 8-12” would be in the MD/WV panhandles into south-central PA, and if the European model is correct, possibly into central NJ.

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