Winter Storm Threat: April 2 (Only/Final Call)

Almost didn’t make a snow map for this event, but I like the novelty of an April snow. At least most of the snow will fall during the early AM hours on the 2nd, so there won’t be much of the Sun’s rays to kill the rates in the Mid-Atlantic. However, precipitation starts as rain south of the 40N line, and is all rain by the time you get to D.C. and points south. Surface wet-bulb temperatures will be above freezing within the southern edge of the 2″ or less zone, which along with warm ground temperatures will drastically cut into snow totals.

I would certainly think that risks run toward getting less snowfall than forecast rather than getting more. I could see a few spots on the southern edge getting more, especially in the higher elevations, if rates can be really heavy for a few hours.

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