MAD US Weather is the weather blog of Mark Ellinwood which highlights the Mid-Atlantic region and provides forecasts and weather discussion country-wide. Weather related pictures and video are also included, most of which comes from regional and nationwide storm chasing by yours truly. Most of his storm chasing is done with Jason Foster of weatherwarrior.net, who has been chasing storms for over a decade.

Mark Ellinwood

Born and raised in Central New York, Mark has experienced very exciting weather during his youth. The most significant events in CNY are the intense lake-effect snow squalls, which can put 8-12 inches of fresh powder on the ground overnight! Despite the extreme snowfall, Mark’s true weather passion stems from thunderstorms and severe weather. Many days of his youth were spent watching thunderstorms (from a safe distance of course). Mark grew to love weather at a very young age, and as early as middle school had decided that he wanted to be involved in weather when he got into college.

Mark earned his Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in Atmospheric Science at SUNY University at Albany in May 2009. He also minored in Mathematics and Computer Science, and won the Top Forecaster Award for the SUNY Albany Class of 2009. He attended one semester of graduate school at NCSU before he became a Operational Forecaster at a private weather business near Washington, D.C. in February 2010.

While Mark loves forecasting, he is still the most passionate about severe weather. After moving to Maryland, Mark partnered up with Jason to go on storm chasing expeditions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Mark uses his forecasting and severe weather knowledge to choose target chase areas. He also designed the web site and is working on getting experience in the media side of weather.

Notable Tornado/Hurricane Chases


May 25 – La Grange, KS
May 29 – Piedmont, OK
Hurricane Sandy – NJ Coast


Hurricane Irene – Morehead City, NC