2011 Chasecation

5/8/11 Storm Pictures

Needed a bit more rest than I thought, heh. Pictures and video will slowly be rolling in as I process stuff. Meanwhile, below is a distance shot of the SD supercell that produced a tornado before we got to it on 5/8/11. The sun was setting, and the overshooting top actually cast a shadow on […]

Chasecation Day 13 – Going home

It’s a long trek back to Maryland, but we’re going to make the ~900 mile trip from St. Clair, Missouri today no matter how long it takes. We decided to check out some storms in Missouri, and we saw tons of lightning, nickel-sized hail and strong winds. The storms formed into a MCS and made […]

Chasecation Day 12 – Tails Between our Legs

Yesterday was a complete and total bust for everyone… including us, the SPC, and about 100+ chasers that spent the day waiting for something that didn’t happen. The midday convection maintained itself in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas and actually got re-invigorated during the afternoon as it slowly crept eastward. Those storms killed the return flow […]

Chasecation Day 11 – The Day of Reckoning

Well folks, today is the day. It’s what we’ve been waiting for the whole trip. There is a fairly significant chance for tornadoes today in Kansas and Oklahoma, and we’ve positioned ourselves quite well for the possibility of two or more intercepts as two rounds of storms, one in the early afternoon and one in […]

Chasecation Day 10 – So close and yet so far

Yesterday looked like a bust until storms fired just to our west as the light began to fade. While looking for a place to eat dinner, I spotted some towering cumulus clouds close by, and we raced towards them (which was about 20 miles west at the time). We ended up on a tornadic storm […]

Chasecation Day 9 – Walking to Our Target

Well, maybe not walking to our target, but last night we got a hotel which is hopefully going to be near where the storm action is today. We plan on heading S/SW towards the SD/NE border where the warm front, dryline and approaching upper-level jet could initiate storms this afternoon. The sky is pretty cluttered […]

Chasecation Day 8 – The First Real Chase Day

We’re in south-central Nebraska today as it looks like there’s a few tornadoes possible in the area. The plan is to head north for 2-3 hours to get into the general target area, waiting for the weather to evolve during the day before making a decision to go into a specific area. SPC has a […]