2012 Chasecation

Chasecation 2012 Videos

La Crosse, KS tornadoes from 5/25: …and a time-lapse of the supercell that spawned the nighttime tornadoes: Thunderstorm time-lapse in May, OK from 6/3: And here’s a re-post of the Piedmont, OK tornado from 5/29 (just to have all of the videos on one post):

Chasecation 2012 Day 13 – Heading home part two

With a little over 700 miles until home, today marks the last day of the chasecation. We saw six tornadoes and got on storms every chase day. It’s a little disappointing that we didn’t get to chase storms through the end of the week, but at the same time we get to save some money […]

Chasecation 2012 Day 12 – Heading home part one

We left Ponca City, OK a little after noon today with the goal of getting back home late tomorrow. The drive home will be a little under 1300 miles, but at least we don’t have to worry about a target area for chasing or anything relating to getting on the storms… we just have to […]

Chasecation 2012 Day 11 – Might be the last day

We are in Waynoka, OK on what could be the last chase day before heading home early. After today, the pattern does not really support active severe weather except up in Montana, and the tornado threat up that way is too marginal to justify going all the way up there from the central Plains when […]

Chasecation 2012 Day 10 – Same as yesterday

After spending our third night in a row in Amarillo, TX, we are heading north towards Boise City, OK for the initial staging of today’s chase. The goal again will be getting some supercell structure shots. There was a beautiful supercell well east of us on the eastern border of the Texas Panhandle, and we […]

Chasecation 2012 Day 9 – Texas Panhandle fun

We are currently driving northwest towards Dalhart, TX to get some supercell structure shots today. Tornadoes aren’t out of the question, but it looks like today will be better to sit back from the storm a ways and enjoy the cloud formations. With land this flat, even if we are 15 miles away from the […]

Chasecation 2012 Day 8 – Down day in Amarillo, TX

We’re spending the day in Amarillo, TX after a failed chase yesterday. It’s nice to not be on the move for the first time in eight days. I’ll be working on processing video from the Piedmont, OK tornado from 5/29 and will post it on Facebook and Twitter later today. Today is a good day […]