New Page: NWS Snow Maps

For years, the NWS snow forecast maps have been sometimes hard to find and inconsistent from WFO to WFO. I decided that it’s time for one web site that has links to ALL of the NWS snow forecast maps across the CONUS. I also displayed many of the Mid-Atlantic maps directly on the page for […]

It’s that quiet time of the year…

Still around… just been very quiet with respect to what I normally post about on here. Winter forecast update will be coming later this month… waiting on a little more data before I get the final release out there. As a reminder, I am active on Twitter, so I recommend following that (@MADUSWX). I still […]

New Page: Photo Gallery

I have started to publish pictures and chase logs from my chasecation, and they can be found in the new Photo Gallery page: Right now I only have 5/24 and 5/26 finished… the awesome day of 5/25 will take awhile to complete. I will be making updates periodically, so stay tuned.

New Project – U.S. Tornadoes

A little over a month ago, my friend Ian Livingston (@islivingston) started a new project that focuses on the past, present and future of tornadoes in the United States. He has brought me on board as the tornado threat forecaster for the site (, where I will be posting 1-7 day tornado forecasts every Monday […]

Meteorology 101 – Sounding basics

I drew up a basic primer on how to read a Skew-T sounding. Click here or on the image to expand the image. There is so much that you can use a sounding for, and all of that information can be derived from the three basic plots: Temperature, dewpoint and wind. A great amount of […]

A dry cold front is pushing through the region

Winds are starting to gust again today as another cold front makes its way through the region. A lack of moisture out ahead of the front means nothing but an isolated shower or two is possible along the front as is slides eastward.   Despite being a cold front, it won’t do much to bring […]

Storm chasing in 2012

Now that we have turned the corner into 2012, it is time to start getting plans ready for my 2012 Chasecation. This year will be a lot different, as I have a more flexible looking calendar from mid May to mid June to spend two weeks out in the Great Plains. I really wish I […]