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It’s quiet… too quiet

May 2011 has been very quiet in terms of tornadoes…

Very few people have had success while chasing in the Plains this year… it’s truly been one of the worst years for Plains storm chasing. April had a lot of tornadoes, but most of them occurred in the Southeast outside of prime chasing territory.


Been too exhausted this week to get image/video processing done, and I have two weekend shifts this weekend… maybe I’ll get around to it on Sunday?

A day of rest, followed by video/picture editing

Recharging the battery today, but tomorrow I’ll get on posting pictures and video that I got during the last two weeks.

The 98% forecast for at least one tornado I made for Wednesday was a bit fool-hardy, but I was feeling pretty good after hitting the tornadic cell in South Dakota two days prior. Had storms formed along the dryline in Kansas, I’m confident we would have bagged a tornado. Just about everyone busted on Wednesday, so I’m not particularly disappointed. We still did pretty darn good given the circumstances during the chasecation, and I did enjoy visiting the Plains for the first time. I got to see a lot of TX, OK, KS, NE and SD along with driving and/or chasing in MD, VA, TN, AR, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV and PA. 15 states… not bad.

Now I get to wait for tornadoes to come back to the East Coast… looks like I might be waiting for awhile.

Tornado Watch up for most of the Mid-Atlantic

PA and Delmarva are missing out (for now) UPDATE: New tornado watch includes most of PA and western NY!

I’m ready to drop what I’m doing to go chase local cells should they pop up. Jason is quite busy today, but if something happens close by I think he’ll join me for an hour or two.

A lot of weather fanatics and forecasters will not be getting sleep tonight.

A Most Epic System

Keep an eye on the severe weather today, folks. You may not see another system like this one for quite a long time.

Back-to-back High Risk days. Six PDS Tornado Watches since the 25th, with the likelihood that we’ll see 1-2 more before the day is done.

We’ve had three High Risk days in 2011, and we’re still in April! This is truly an amazing month and an amazing year for severe weather.

Life Happened

I’ll try to get a Mid-Atlantic discussion up this morning… been busy with work/home this weekend. Looks like plenty of precipitation for most of the region this week.

Record highs contested yesterday, with some record-breakers

Here’s a run-down of select Mid-Atlantic highs and records for yesterday in Temp (Record, Year) form (all degrees Fahrenheit):

DCA: 80 (81, 1989)
IAD: 79 (80, 1989)
BWI: 81 (80, 1989)

MRB: 79 (83, 1927)
RIC: 84 (83, 1927)
ORF: 83 (82, 1908)

Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk all came in one degree above their previous record. Reagan and Dulles failed to reach their records by one degree, and Martinsburg came up four degrees short of their record.

Winds helping a brush fire in Germantown, MD

To add to the wind discussion in the previous post, here’s an animation of smoke from a brush fire (unconfirmed) in the Germantown, MD area:

There is also a brush fire near BWI in Hanover. Very dry conditions and strong winds are helping the brush fires intensify and spread quickly.

EDIT: I thought this was originally just blowing dust, but it was indeed a brush fire… I don’t really have any first-hand experiences with either.