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Weather Jokes

I thought these up while trying to think of weather-related things to include in my Best Man speech. I’m cool like that.

What do you call a fat person who goes after a tornado? A chubby chaser.

What do tornadoes and Michael Bay have in common? They both like destroying transformers.

Tornado rips through a man’s house. The pen in his pocket exploded and got ink all over his shirt. Later someone comes up to the man, looks at him and asks “how did that happen?” Man says “the cap broke.”

A tornado was found guilty by insanity after it was proven that he was twisted. He was put into isolation because he liked to stir things up, was unpredictable and had a destructive personality. The medics were finally able to subdue the tornado they put him in a stable atmosphere.

Yeah I’m going to bed. I’ll get the rest of the WTWF done when I get up.

Storm Chasers Season 4 Premiere Tonight!

Season four of the hit Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers will premiere tonight at 10pm ET/PT on The Discovery Channel. Just before it airs, an all new Mythbusters will feature storm chasing myths as The Dominator (the TVN vehicle) and the TIV (Sean Casey’s vehicle) go mano-a-mano in a wind resistance test.

This series is going to be epic considering the awesome amount of strong and photogenic tornadoes there were this year. We’ll be in for a real treat as we follow along the 2010 storm chasing season!

Shipping up to Boston

I’ll be traveling to Boston this morning for the weekend, so I probably won’t be making any updates. Hopefully Jason can get on here and make a post or two…

I think I’m going to need a boat for this instead.

MAD US Weather goes 1.0!

After a long week of editing and troubleshooting, we are now in the 1.0 stage of the web site. I still need to get some info/feedback from Jason, but the site is set to go at this point.

I hope you all enjoy the layout and design! Questions/comments are always appreciated. We are always looking for ways to enhance the site, so we’ll see how long version 1.0 lasts until we dive back into the editing process.

To give you all an idea of what’s been done, this is the original template’s design:

Welcome to MAD US Weather

The Mid-Atlantic Dynamics and United States Weather site is a collaboration between myself and Jason Foster. Together, we will bring you everything weather, from current events to forecasts to storm chasing and beyond.

This site will bring everything you want to know about the weather together into one place. If something interesting is going on in the world of weather, we will post about it! Jason and I will bring our own strengths to the table to give you the best weather coverage possible.

Thank you for visiting the site, and we hope to see you again soon!

– Mark Ellinwood