Fall Foliage and new Flickr account

First, I’d like to say that I’m going to ditch the photo album thing I added to the site earlier this summer in favor for a Flickr account. I just uploaded my fall foliage pictures there today, with a sample below: A video will be coming soon and will be added to this post […]

August 10, 2012 Storm Chase

Here is the video I put together of the chase: I could write my own chase log, but Ian already did all of that in a Capital Weather Gang post, so I’ll just link that instead: Capital Weather Gang Article Included in that link are some awesome pictures from Ian. Update 8/26: Pictures!

July 26, 2012 Storm Chase Pictures

Solo chase up into southeastern PA turned out alright as I got some shelf cloud pictures and saw some lightning. Probably not worth the 11 hours I spent driving (most of which was trying to find a place with a view), but I did gain some solo chasing experience since this was only my 2nd […]

Fredericksburg, VA storm damage

Jason and I originally intended today’s chase to be more local to our homes in Montgomery County, MD, but as storms kept popping up to our south we kept dropping south with them. We initially crossed over into Virginia near Leesburg as a promising storm was moving into the area to our west. As that […]

15 May 2012 Storm Chase – Pictures

UPDATE: Had to postpone processing my video due to getting ready for the chasecation… hopefully I’ll remember to come back to this later. I will add more screen grabs to this post by Friday (and update this text), but here’s a handful of shots that I’ve gotten so far: Video and chase log will be […]

Foggy sunrise in Maryland

It has been quite foggy the last couple of mornings in the DC/MD region. I snapped a shot of the sun rising through the fog this morning in Gaithersburg, MD: The fall colors give it a nice added touch. Gaithersburg is a little past peak with the leaves, and I expect I’ll see a lot […]

Oct. 29 snow pictures

Just posting some re-touched snow pictures from the October 29 storm. All of these were posted to my Twitter account, which you should follow to get daily thoughts and updates! These were all shot on my Droid X, as I have yet to invest in a DSLR camera (which I plan on doing before the […]