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Brush fire pictures from the Germantown, MD area

These were all taken from the same area where the power lines run north from Rt. 28 up until the end of Brandon Way Rd. in Darnestown, MD. The time I was there was approx. 1:45-2:45 pm. This was from the same area as the GIF animation in the previous post.

If you would like the full resolution, un-watermarked images, please leave a message on the Twitter page, or contact me using the e-mail address in the contact page.

Here’s some pictures from Jason from the same area:

27 October 2010 chase pictures (2)

Time for some screen grabs! Lateness due to massive amounts of sleeping, heh. Had to catch up after the crazy week. First two are from the first storm, which had a nice shelf cloud and some blue/green color to it. Last image is from a second storm that had produced a tornado in MD but failed to hold together over the Chesapeake Bay as we intercepted it on the western edge of DELMARVA. It still had a non-rotating wall cloud, though!

26 and 27 October 2010 chase pictures (1)

Got through the camera today and picked a couple of good ones to touch up. Both are shelf clouds.

Screen grabs coming up tomorrow and/or this weekend… there’s going to be some interesting stuff on there for sure!

10/26/10 picture – Near Parkersburg, WV looking W on I-77.

10/27/10 picture – Several miles east of Federalsburg, MD (DELMARVA) facing SW

11 October 2010 chase pictures (3)

Jason’s set… he has been having laptop issues since the chase, so he hasn’t been able to fix his watermarks or upload the images himself, so here’s the best of his finished shots:

Damage pictures were captured in Exeter, PA (Exeter Township… town name via SPC report). The road the damage was on/near was Apple Tree Rd., which Google Maps puts in the town of Pittston, PA.

22 September 2010 Storm Pictures

Went to a local parking garage with Jason yesterday and snapped these two shots (one shown).

Later, another storm formed at dusk and I grabbed this photo from my window:

The second storm eventually hit severe status and was cranking out lightning at a rate of one flash/bolt every 2-4 seconds. Unfortunately, it was just a little too far south for me to grab lightning shots.