storm chasing

The Jessica Game

Storm chasers! Road travelers in general! Here is a “fun” game to play while on the road to pass the time maybe. Game credit/co-credit goes to Jason Foster. The goal of the game is simple: Listen to the entirety of Jessica by The Allman Brothers Band (the 7:28 full version… don’t give me none of […]

The storms have gone away

After a banner year of chasecationing out in the Plains for what was the only active two week period this year, things have been very quiet with respect to storms in the Mid-Atlantic. I did go chasing two months ago on June 13th in Virginia, but since then there really hasn’t been anything worth going […]

Chasing Hurricane Sandy

I will be departing for the New Jersey coast Sunday to chase Hurricane Sandy (or “Frankenstorm” if you wish to call it that). I will probably be chasing with Jason Foster either by caravanning or he will be in my car with me. We plan to be out there until Tuesday evening, with time restrictions […]

August 10, 2012 Storm Chase

Here is the video I put together of the chase: I could write my own chase log, but Ian already did all of that in a Capital Weather Gang post, so I’ll just link that instead: Capital Weather Gang Article Included in that link are some awesome pictures from Ian. Update 8/26: Pictures!

15 May 2012 Storm Chase – Pictures

UPDATE: Had to postpone processing my video due to getting ready for the chasecation… hopefully I’ll remember to come back to this later. I will add more screen grabs to this post by Friday (and update this text), but here’s a handful of shots that I’ve gotten so far: Video and chase log will be […]

Storm chasing in 2012

Now that we have turned the corner into 2012, it is time to start getting plans ready for my 2012 Chasecation. This year will be a lot different, as I have a more flexible looking calendar from mid May to mid June to spend two weeks out in the Great Plains. I really wish I […]

Hurricane Irene – Tracking and Chase Potential

Now that we’re getting within a reasonable amount of forecast accuracy, I figured it’s time to make a post about Irene and my chasing prospects. The models have been consistently trending east with Irene for the past couple of days, but the most recent runs have inched back west as the synoptic setup out west […]