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16 April 2011 Storm Chase (Pt. 1 of 3) – Pictures

A full chase log will be coming later today, and when Jason has his chase log up I’ll post a link to that as well. I’m having FTP issues with the site at the moment, so images are hosted on Photobucket for now.

These pictures were taken at Snow Hill, NC. The hail was about 2 miles NW of the tornado path on Fort Run Rd. near the intersection with Peanut Rd.

The approximate visual tornado path based on the damage. Not to be used for scientific purposes (click to enlarge):

Chase Log – 28 Feb 2011

Jason and I took a long trip down to eastern NC, which proved quite bust-worthy in terms of severe weather. We did experience a nice gust front, which involved areas of zero or near-zero visibility as dust and leaves washed over the back roads… definitely a couple of “hit the brakes!” driving moments in those. I was hoping something could happen in northeast NC where some surface instability was holding during the late afternoon, but the gust front took away the surface instability, and while moderate rain showers developed, nothing explosive/sustainable was able to get going in our area. Had to call off the chase to get back home, otherwise we would have gone into southeast NC and seen some strong thunderstorms. Ended up around Rt. 264 and took that back to I-95 to home.

While it was a bust, I still had a good time. Lots of driving (some of it rather fun on the back roads), got the first chase of the year out of the way to kind of get back into the routine, and had at least some interesting weather.

Because of this, there won’t be a What to Watch Fore(cast) this week. I’ll keep things updated regarding interesting weather in the region. That being said, there is an interesting storm still in the works for this weekend, which could be a heavy rain producer.

Snow looks to be on the way

Looks like I’ll be eating my own words about not expecting much snow for the DC area from this system that the models haven’t been too much in agreement on. But now, Friday evening into the early, early morning hours of Saturday, many forecasts are saying there is a higher potential. Of course, reading MAD US Weather’s own Mark Ellinwood (see previous blog post) looks to have been a best bet. TV and government forecasters aren’t talking snow totals yet, but Mark’s numbers don’t seem to be too far off what the ‘inside’ word is. It may be a west to east pattern this time around. Basically, what I mean is that the snow totals won’t measure highest to lowest in bands that increase and decrease horizontally, but vertically. Areas to the east, closer to the ocean may see the higher totals, and less toward the mountains. This isn’t uncommon for these coast storms. But still tons to determine yet, and I’m going to get some extra sleep in preparation for covering the event if it pans out. (

Very cold start this morning

We are getting quite a blast of arctic temperatures in late November. Temperatures this morning are into the low 20s in and around the DC region and below freezing temperatures as far south as central and North Carolina. Interesting, it is warmer along the Canadian border in Minnesota than it is in the DC area. Some slightly warmer temperatures are on tap today and tomorrow, but not much above normal (50°F). Mark will elaborate more on the meteorological side of things today or tomorrow.

Other things on tap are early initiation of the Great Plains Storm Chase Expedition 2011 which both myself and Mark will be going on this year. This will be Mark’s inaugural central plains chase and my seventh overall (going back to 1997 and since 2006). Most of the planning pages will appear on my subsite ( which is part of my main site at WeatherWarrior.Net. The first page so far is a base Cost Worksheet using some past years data and current information to help properly budget for this trip.

The good thing about chasing this year is that MAD US Weather will be a source for following us with daily logs, forecasts, nowcasts and more being posted here in the blog. You’ll also be able to easily link to the live video stream when we are actively chasing, and track us even live even on down days.

27 October 2010 chase pictures (2)

Time for some screen grabs! Lateness due to massive amounts of sleeping, heh. Had to catch up after the crazy week. First two are from the first storm, which had a nice shelf cloud and some blue/green color to it. Last image is from a second storm that had produced a tornado in MD but failed to hold together over the Chesapeake Bay as we intercepted it on the western edge of DELMARVA. It still had a non-rotating wall cloud, though!

26 and 27 October 2010 chase pictures (1)

Got through the camera today and picked a couple of good ones to touch up. Both are shelf clouds.

Screen grabs coming up tomorrow and/or this weekend… there’s going to be some interesting stuff on there for sure!

10/26/10 picture – Near Parkersburg, WV looking W on I-77.

10/27/10 picture – Several miles east of Federalsburg, MD (DELMARVA) facing SW