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storm chasing

Three days, three chases. Pics coming soon

On the way back from DELMARVA on a failed chase… saw a couple of non-rotating wall clouds, but I didn’t go with my original area, which was Fredericksburg/Richmond, VA. There were multiple tornadoes in that region. The frustration is mounting, which makes me yearn that much more for my upcoming Plains chase next spring.

Pictures from the last few days of consecutive chasing will be up tomorrow.


HUGE thanks to Jason for taking the time to go on the chases… it was rough on both of us. He drove about 25-30 total hours in 3 days! Time to recuperate and catch up on chores/work at home.

SPC Surprise! Last minute chase?

The 16Z update from the SPC was a little surprising when they decided to pull the 2% and 5% TOR risk area to within chase range in SE VA. Jason and I will be going over strategy to see if we can pull off a chase today.

11 October 2010 chase pictures (3)

Jason’s set… he has been having laptop issues since the chase, so he hasn’t been able to fix his watermarks or upload the images himself, so here’s the best of his finished shots:

Damage pictures were captured in Exeter, PA (Exeter Township… town name via SPC report). The road the damage was on/near was Apple Tree Rd., which Google Maps puts in the town of Pittston, PA.