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Tornado Thursday – 20 June 2010 Billings, MT

This one comes via the Associated Press (I will try to find the original source later) Dan Miller (SEE UPDATE BELOW) of the Father’s Day tornado in Billings, Montana. Today’s video shows the power of a tornado as it tosses debris hundreds of feet into the air:

UPDATE 8 Jan 2011, 6:00pm EST:
I did some digging and found that the original footage is from “Major” Dan Miller, who is a radio personality in the Billings area. I have replaced the video I posted to show the full, raw version.

Tornado Thursday – 10 May 2010 Wakita, OK

One of the better multi-vortex tornado specimens was captured on film by several chasers, with the seemingly best footage from Verne Carlson that shows 4-5 vortices within a larger tornadic circulation. You can get more information about this storm and about Verne’s chasing on his weather blog.

Skip to the 1:00 mark to watch the incredible dynamics at work!

For some reason there is no audio until 1:59, which is a shame. Still a great video, though!

Tornado Thursday – 5 June 2009 Goshen County, WY

The Goshen County, Wyoming tornado was one of the few tornadic storms that VORTEX2 was able to study in its first year of operations. Mike Bettes was on the scene for The Weather Channel, discussing what he sees in live coverage with Dr. Greg Forbes. It was definitely a sight to see when the tornado went horizontal and the Weather Channel crew had a great view looking down inside the tornado!


Tornado Thursday – 17 June 2010 Albert Lea, MN

This week’s video is a time-lapse made by Skip Talbot, which shows the amazing structure and evolution of a long-lived tornadic supercell that rolled through southern Minnesota on June 17th. Please visit His personal storm chasing site as well as Convective Addiction, which is a group chaser site that Skip contributes to.


Skip also has a new DVD and Blu-ray available with raw footage and time-lapse video from the 2009 and 2010 seasons. It’s called Storm Lapse, and you can head over to his Storm Lapse order page for more details and purchase information.

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