Hurricane Irene Video

I finally got around to going through all of my Hurricane Irene footage and I put six minutes of it together in a nice summary video: The video’s description: Chronological video clips of Hurricane Irene from 26-27 August 2011. Locations filmed in order (all in NC): Rt. 70, Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Beaufort, Rt. 70 […]

TS Maria & Nate named today; seem to be minimal threat to US

While it is still too early to know where Tropical Storm Maria and Tropical Storm Nate will be heading for sure, initial forecasts keep both systems away from U.S. soil. Both became named storms today (Maria at 11am EDT, Nate at 5pm EDT), and both will be fairly interesting to track in the coming days. […]

Hurricane Irene – Chase Pictures (part 1)

Here’s some processed images originally taken by my Droid X… descriptions will come later. From the 26th: From the 27th:

Hurricane Irene – Tracking and Chase Potential

Now that we’re getting within a reasonable amount of forecast accuracy, I figured it’s time to make a post about Irene and my chasing prospects. The models have been consistently trending east with Irene for the past couple of days, but the most recent runs have inched back west as the synoptic setup out west […]

Models showing tropical threat to the Southeast late next week

Now that even the Euro Op. is on board with developing a tropical system tracking towards the Southeast coastline, I decided that it’s time to do a write-up about it. The American models have been fairly consistent with bringing a tropical system into the Southeast, having shown the tropical system for over a dozen consecutive […]

Hurricane Otto: Past, present and future

Hurricane Otto continues to churn in the Atlantic despite his humble beginnings as a subtropical depression when he formed just north of Puerto Rico two days ago. Otto is currently moving northeast as it picks up steam and jets towards Europe. The Azores may be at risk for hurricane force winds from Otto, but the […]

T.D. Sixteen forms south of Cuba, takes aim at the East Coast

This post might have to be updated if the NHC decides to upgrade Tropical Depression Sixteen to Tropical Storm Nicole later today. Massive rains are in store for the East Coast tomorrow through Friday as T.D. 16 organizes just south of Cuba and heads towards the U.S. This storm is likely to be sub-tropical when […]