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Hermine spawns tornadoes in the South

Over the last couple of days, Hermine has spawned a decent amount of tornadoes in the South, including a tornado that went through the Dallas, TX metro area. So far, only one injury in Oklahoma has been reported from these tornadoes.

All of these tornadoes formed in the northern and eastern quadrants of Hermine, which is where nearly all tornadoes form in any tropical system.

Here is a video of the Dallas tornado from yesterday (no audio):

Storm reports, 9/7/10 and 9/8/10:

Tropical Storm Igor forms as Hurricane Season Peaks

Tropical Storm Igor has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean not far from the Cape Verde Islands. As the hurricane season enters into the statistical peak activity, we see that overall activity is fair. This has been quite an active season overall, but has spared many humans and land areas.

In addition to Igor, there are small areas of activity being monitored by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) among others although they have a very low to zero potential for development at the moment. One area is right next to (northeast) Igor. Two other areas are Caribbean region, one near Trinidad & Tabago while the other is south of Hispanola.

Hermine is still on the map, although barely…as it is all the way up in central Texas as a Tropical Depression. However, responsibility of this storm has been shifted over to the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.

Tropical Storm Igor is in a slight sheared environment which will suppress development beyond Tropical Storm status for a few days. However as the system moves west, it should encounter less shear and begin to intensify. Both forward motion will increase, thanks to a trough that is to the west, and the intensity should increase into hurricane strength further out in the forecast period. Overall motion, according to the plots will be either west to west-northwest. Overall impacts to land is unknown at this point.

The next few days will tell a better story as models grab the system better and more anaylsis is done.  For now it’s just another storm in this active season.