August 10, 2012 Storm Chase

Here is the video I put together of the chase: I could write my own chase log, but Ian already did all of that in a Capital Weather Gang post, so I’ll just link that instead: Capital Weather Gang Article Included in that link are some awesome pictures from Ian. Update 8/26: Pictures!

Fredericksburg, VA storm damage

Jason and I originally intended today’s chase to be more local to our homes in Montgomery County, MD, but as storms kept popping up to our south we kept dropping south with them. We initially crossed over into Virginia near Leesburg as a promising storm was moving into the area to our west. As that […]

Chasecation 2012 Videos

La Crosse, KS tornadoes from 5/25: …and a time-lapse of the supercell that spawned the nighttime tornadoes: Thunderstorm time-lapse in May, OK from 6/3: And here’s a re-post of the Piedmont, OK tornado from 5/29 (just to have all of the videos on one post):

16 April 2011 Storm Chase (Pt. 2 of 3) – Video

More video(s) will be added as the footage is processed. Snow Hill, NC: NE Raleigh, NC: *Updated with second Snow Hill tornado on 4/19*