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Oct. 29 snow pictures

Just posting some re-touched snow pictures from the October 29 storm. All of these were posted to my Twitter account, which you should follow to get daily thoughts and updates!

These were all shot on my Droid X, as I have yet to invest in a DSLR camera (which I plan on doing before the next chase season).

The first shot was just after daybreak, as some surprise early event sleet and snow gave us a nice base layer to build on when the back end of the system hit during the afternoon (which is when the other pictures were taken). Location is Germantown, MD.


Strong storms roll through MD, DC, VA

Strong to severe storms pushed NW to SE across the region this afternoon and early evening, which are now mostly south of the DC area. Didn’t get hit by too much in Germantown, but the lightning was great. Plenty of CGs all around, despite my bad luck of getting good screen captures off of the video I took (I don’t have any filters for taking pictures, so I had to result to video).

I did manage to get one CG shot this afternoon as I sat in light rain behind the main rain cores:

Finally, a storm that I was awake for! Some storms rolled through early this morning, but I was way too gone to get up for them. The last two storms before this morning also had unfortunate timing, so it was a treat to actually get out and catch this storm.

Brush fire pictures from the Germantown, MD area

These were all taken from the same area where the power lines run north from Rt. 28 up until the end of Brandon Way Rd. in Darnestown, MD. The time I was there was approx. 1:45-2:45 pm. This was from the same area as the GIF animation in the previous post.

If you would like the full resolution, un-watermarked images, please leave a message on the Twitter page, or contact me using the e-mail address in the contact page.

Here’s some pictures from Jason from the same area:

Winds helping a brush fire in Germantown, MD

To add to the wind discussion in the previous post, here’s an animation of smoke from a brush fire (unconfirmed) in the Germantown, MD area:

There is also a brush fire near BWI in Hanover. Very dry conditions and strong winds are helping the brush fires intensify and spread quickly.

EDIT: I thought this was originally just blowing dust, but it was indeed a brush fire… I don’t really have any first-hand experiences with either.